5 Key Things To Know Before Buying A Blue Sapphire

April 25, 2017

5 Key Things To Know Before Buying A Blue Sapphire

Pretty to look at and storing a multitude of benefits are gemstones that are a common sight on people’s fingers, neck, wrists and so on. Gemstones should be worn according to auspicious grah (planet) and as per kundali (birth chart) of a person. 

Amongst all the astrological gemstones the blue sapphire stone – the gemstone of Saturn. It is the strongest of all gemstones, and shows its positive impacts instantly by way of gain in wealth, good luck, and opportunities etc. 

Here are the 5 things you should keep in mind before buying a blue sapphire stone: 

Associated with Shani, the most powerful grah

Blue sapphire is associated with Saturn or Shani, which means that if it suits you, you will reap benefits within a short time, but if it is flawed accidents, health problems and other downfalls are possible. 

Colour marks out its authenticity

Colour is the most important determinant when assessing the quality of a stone. Sapphire comes in all combination of hues like deep green, light green, light purple, intense purple etc., but blue is the most desirable, and blue sapphire price depends upon how pure blue the stone is.  

Heated vs Unheated stones

Most sapphires that are not pure enough are subjected to heat treatment to accentuate their colour and clarity. The price also varies largely between treated and untreated sapphires. The higher amount of treatment in the sapphire, the lower the price and lower the effectiveness of the stone. 

Buying source is as important as the stone itself

To get a stone that is worthy of the money you are paying, ask information from the jeweler on enhancements done to it. Certifications from reputed gem laboratories will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. 

When does blue sapphire work

When Saturn has positive intension in your horoscope, there is no sun or Saturn conjuncture is your Raashi chart, you are sure about your disciplined life and authenticity, and the purity and shape of the stone are genuine, you should wear a blue sapphire stone. 

Online shopping for gemstones is getting popular with buyers since a few years. To buy gemstone online few things like credibility of the seller, colour of the stone, return policy, and gemstone certificate have to be kept in mind.