Benefits Of Wearing A Panna Stone

June 26, 2017

Benefits Of Wearing A Panna Stone

Emerald is a light or dark green in color gemstone that has mineral compounds and a combination of aluminum silicate and beryllium. It is an expensive gemstone due to being quite unique on its own. One of the finest natural emerald is found in Zambia, Brazil, and India. They come in different shades of deep green in color with a fine transparency.

According to Indian roots, emerald is a sacred stone and Mercury is the ruling planet which signifies hope and wisdom. Panna, as commonly called by locals, brings love and affection to the person wearing it.

Panna stone is basically associated with planet Mercury, which represents intellect and fame. Wearing panna helps in speech, concentration, wisdom, and power. As per the astrologers, emeralds also provide good fortune, love, and generosity.

Since panna is a precious gemstone, panna stone price in India can vary between INR 4600 per carat to INR 3, 00,000 per carat due to its unique significance.

Here are points that tell the benefits of wearing a panna stone.

Professional benefit

Emerald is a combination of other stones as well, and that is why it proves to be a success for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Wearing panna helps any person attain success, especially those who are starting out with their business or trade. Panna boosts memory and analytical powers. Panna stone is very beneficial to people who are writers, public speakers, into finance and banking, or in the field of medicine. Anyone who wears this stone can see a distinctive difference and increase in their creativity and artistic talent.

Emotional and health benefit

Wearing a panna stone helps in shunning away any kind of emotional toxicity. People who have had bad personal experience attain mental peace and quick healing after wearing this gemstone. It helps in healing scars and regain calmness in their lives. Emerald also helps in dealing with illnesses such as amnesia, asthma, and sleep deprivation. It is also highly effective for pregnant women, helping them stay composed and healthy for their pregnancy duration - keeping their skin, heart, and blood in a healthy state.