Different Ways To Wear Emerald Stone

May 15, 2017

Different Ways To Wear Emerald Stone

Emerald green is popularly known as the colour of immortality, opulence, life and nature, rebirth and universe. It’s not by chance that we’re all in love with green eyes and the spring season! The rich and classy hues of natural emerald can melt anyone’s heart. 

One of the most precious gemstones of all, emerald gemstone owes its name to the Greek word for green, ‘prasinos’. There are so many ways to wear different gemstones. All it takes is a little effort and attention to detail. Let’s see how we can style this gemstone creatively. 

Brunch Style

Pairing this stone with a v-neck tee shirt creates the perfect place for an emerald stone neckpiece to nestle in. Further, accessorizing with a handcuff embellished with emerald will bring out the faded blue in your denim jacket. What’s more? Add a pair of silver knotted earrings to add to the finishing touch of this look and get ready to dazzle with your girls at brunch. 

Easy Style

A take on the smart-casual look, this idea features a bolder emerald brooch that you can easily pin to the shoulder of your black winter jacket or to the lapel in case you have one. Add on a pair of silver hoops, and an emerald green sling bag for an easy day out! 

Upgrade Your Chic

It seems like a good time to buy gemstone online and invest in a 1950s delicately styled Emerald brooch that can play up your off-duty and work outfits alike. Pin the rich green brooch to your dark blue denim dress to make a statement. If denim is not what you’re going for, you can easily replace the dress with a cotton top in a subtle colour like beige or off white. 

With A Warm Palette

We’ve always been fans of pairing emerald green with the colours red, white, and black. A blouse with a vibrant print that includes bright green paired with long earrings featuring emerald drops will complement your neckline beautifully. You can even substitute the bright green top with a more neutral palette by going ahead with a neutral cardigan or jacket, if a nonchalant look better suits your personal taste. 

The ideas mentioned above are our favorites! Visit us again for more.