Kashmiri Blue Sapphire Stone

May 17, 2017

Kashmiri Blue Sapphire Stone

Kashmiri blue sapphire stone is one of the rarest and most beautiful sapphires found across the globe. The rarity of this stone is owed to the fact that this stone is not very easy to spot as mostly, it is seen in exhibitions. 

Natural blue sapphire is praised because of its fascinating blue cornflower colour and a sleepy property that is often described as ‘blue velvet’. 

Kashmiri blue sapphire isn’t the only stone that’s rare to find. Ceylon blue sapphires and Burmese blue sapphires are also considered to be stones that are high on quality. Nonetheless, Burmese and Ceylon blue sapphires cannot challenge the pinnacle position that Kashmiri blue sapphire holds. The magical and mystical attributes of this stone have helped in enhancing its reputation in the gem market as a whole. 

As Kashmir is situated in the northwestern region of the country and lies mainly in the valley of Pakistan and India, it is described as one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. It is also believed that sapphires – blue sapphire or natural yellow sapphire – were first found in the Kashmir region in the 18th century. So, it’s easy to understand how rare and precious this gemstone really is. 

One of the best qualities of this stone is that it is perfect for gifting! It especially makes for a wonderful wedding anniversary present if your wedding anniversary is approaching and you’re still in a bind as to what to gift your spouse. Blue sapphire gemstone jewellery items such as necklaces, rings, bands, and earrings make for beautiful presents, as they are known to possess celestial forces. It makes for the perfect romantic present. 

Blue sapphires aren’t only appropriate presents for anniversaries, but for birthdays and other special occasions too. 

So, rush to your gem supplier or look up blue sapphires online and get the best deal for the gifting season.